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Drug Crimes

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Strategies for Drug Crime Defense

Many people who have been arrested for a drug crime such as possession, possession with intent to distribute, cultivation or sales will give up any hope of avoiding a conviction. After all, they were found with drugs in their possession or were caught in the act of distributing a controlled substance, so how could they possibly prove their innocence?

The fact is that there are many proven strategies for defending cases of this type, and a Colorado Springs criminal attorney from Clawson & Clawson, LLP is ready to meet with you to discuss the situation. For example, we may be able to have the charges dismissed by demonstrating that your Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure was violated by a search without probable cause or a warrant.

Even if it is not possible to clear you of the charges and prevent a conviction, an attorney from our team can still seek to negotiate a favorable plea bargain which could spare you of the harsh consequences you face. You might be able to avoid time in jail or prison by enrolling in a substance abuse rehabilitation program and serving a probation which includes drug testing. The legal landscape of drug crime prosecution in Colorado is changing, such as with the new marijuana laws passed in the November 2012 elections, and we can explore all of the many options which may be available for defending your future.

Drug Crime Penalties in Colorado Springs, CO

There are several factors which will go into determining the sentence you could receive if convicted of a drug crime. First, the quantity of drugs involved in the alleged offense is important, as smaller amounts will typically carry a lighter penalty. If you were arrested with a quantity which is larger than would be normal for individual use, you may be charged with possession with intent to distribute. The specific type of drug is another important factor, since certain drugs are classified as being more dangerous according to their addictive properties and whether or not they have any currently accepted medical use.

Our Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer can review the details of your case to advise you of the penalty you are now facing, as well as strategies for minimizing the impact on your career and future.

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