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When a Child Is Injured in a Car Accident
When a Child Is Injured in a Car Accident

Car seats, and youth booster seats, have prevented many serious injuries to children in car accidents. Sometimes, however, the crash is so severe that the child may still be injured in a car seat. When a child is injured by the negligence of another, special rules govern ...

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  • Civil Protection Orders in Divorce Proceedings

    When a marriage is dying, one spouse often acts out the frustration, anger and powerlessness against the other spouse (usually against the one seeking ...

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  • Child Abduction by a Parent

    Child abduction is a serious problem. Studies have shown that more than 200,000 children are abducted in the United States each year by a parent or ...

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  • Injuries to Children "Attracted" to a Danger

    Kids will be kids. They are curious roamers, attracted to all kinds of things that may not be good or safe for them. As parents, we do our best to ...

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  • Death During a Divorce Case

    What happens to a divorce proceeding when one spouse dies while the case is pending—but before a final decree of dissolution of marriage is entered by ...

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  • Will a Court Allow a Parent to Move Out of Colorado After a Divorce?

    Americans are a mobile people. It has been noted that the “average American” moves about 12 times in a lifetime. The United States Constitution gives ...

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  • Damages That Can be Claimed in an Accident Case

    A person who injures another through his negligence must pay monetary compensation to the injured person in the total dollar amount of the injured ...

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  • Don't Count on Keeping Your Privacy when You Make an Injury Claim

    When you make an injury claim, such as a claim for injuries from a car accident , you will be required to sign a medical authorization for the ...

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  • Full Disclosure Is Required in Divorce Cases

    Parties to divorce cases in Colorado owe each other, and the court, a duty of “full and honest” disclosure of all facts that “materially affect” their ...

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  • Truck-Car Collisions: It's Not a Fair Fight

    A truck-car collision is not a fair fight. A car weighing 3500 pounds does not stand a chance in a collision against a tractor-trailer weighing ...

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