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Enforcement of Orders

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The terms of the final decree of dissolution that you received at the conclusion of your divorce are legally binding. Both you and your spouse are required to abide by these terms and failure to do so can lead to tough penalties, such as a possible arrest and time in jail on charges of contempt of court. If your ex-spouse has fallen behind on paying you child support or spousal support — or is simply refusing to pay — you should not have to fight with your ex to get what you deserve.

After all, ending struggles with your former spouse is probably why you got a divorce in the first place. Instead of engaging in another battle on your own, let an experienced Colorado Springs divorce attorney from Clawson & Clawson, LLP fight for you!

The good news is that you have legal recourse against your ex-spouse and do not have to put up with being denied the financial support that you are due. The family law judge awarded child support or alimony payments based on objective evidence that you deserve and require such support, and the court will back you up when your former spouse is violating the order to pay you. An attorney from our firm can represent you in bringing the matter before the judge, providing evidence of the violation, and requesting that the court provide you with legal remedies to correct the situation.

Penalties for Non-Payment of Support

There are a variety of penalties that may be used to compel your ex-spouse to catch up missed payments and resume paying you on a regular basis. For example, the court may order the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the other party's driver's license, or you could be awarded a lien on his or her property. Your ex-spouse's wages may be garnished, which involves deducting the payment amount directly from his or her paycheck in order to satisfy the support obligation. In some cases, the delinquent party may even be arrested and sentenced to serve time in jail.

Enforcement of Protective Orders

There is also relief for those who have filed protective orders that are not being followed by the respondent. If you filed a protection order against your spouse, ex-spouse, significant other, etc. then you have the right to seek enforcement of that order if the respondent is violating it. Colorado law enforcement officers are required by law to enforce all protective orders, so the first thing you should do is contact law enforcement if this is happening to you.

Protected persons are also encouraged to:

  • Always carry a copy of the protective order
  • Give a copy of the protective order to a friend or family member
  • Report every instance of a violation
  • Attend all temporary and permanent order hearings

By contacting a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer from our firm, we can evaluate your case and represent you at any and all protection order hearings so that you get the most comprehensive and favorable order for your protection and the protection of any children.

Clawson & Clawson, LLP Can Help

Our law firm is equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to help you enforce a divorce, separation, custody, protective order or any other type of family-related court order. Chances are, you worked hard to get to the agreement you now have, and you deserve to have that agreement enforced.

To learn more about your options and get started on claiming the support you deserve, contact a family law attorney from our firm now. We serve clients in Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, and Parker, and are ready to help you today!

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