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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers in Colorado Springs

When you purchase a health insurance or car insurance policy, you are actually buying the promise of the insurance company that they will take care of necessary and covered costs in the event of an accident or incident. If they fail to keep their promise and their end of the contract by refusing to give you adequate coverage, they might be using insurance bad faith practices against you. To rebalance the playing field and increase your chances of getting the settlement you deserve, contact Clawson & Clawson, LLP today.

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We are not intimidated by insurance companies, big or small. When we hear that our clients are being mistreated or led astray by insurance bad faith tactics, we are quick to return in full force and use litigation if necessary to set things right.

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Commonplace Insurance Bad Faith Practices

For people who have been lucky enough to never run into insurance bad faith, the concept may seem foreign and rare. The reality is that insurance companies are looking to save themselves money wherever they can, as any business does regularly. They have a right to try to cut costs but they cannot abuse or exploit their customers to do so, especially when they are contractually bound to provide a certain service.

Insurance bad faith practices that can be utilized against you include:

  • Unnecessary delays: Insurance should kick in right when you need it, not when it is too late to help. Delaying the processing of your paperwork or claim without any legitimate reason is one of the most common insurance bad faith strategies. Claiming the printer does not work or their computer is malfunctioning is not a legitimate reason for a delay.
  • Unexplained denials: When an insurance company decides it wants to deny a claim, it must send out an explanatory letter that details all of their reasons for the decision. Insurance bad faith may manifest as outright denials with no explanation. The goal is for you to see the denial, accept it, and move on without taking action.
  • Lowball offers: An insurance adjuster is tasked to evaluate your damages and injuries to determine what amount is necessary for your total recovery. If they offer you something that they know is not enough, or that intentionally does not consider the future costs of your injury, you may be able to file a case against them.

Seeking Settlements to Earn You an Expedited Recovery

If a settlement can be reached with your insurance company, our Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers will bring it to your attention. In fact, the majority of our cases are settled out of court, which helps our clients get recoveries faster and avoid court fees. We are well aware that insurance companies can be stubborn, though, and so we prepare each case from the beginning as if it must go all the way to court and be settled through litigation. It is through this dedication and perseverance that we have earned a reputation around Colorado State as honest and effective advocates that people can trust.

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