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At Clawson & Clawson, LLP we have gained a reputation in the Colorado Springs area for delivering effective solutions for personal injury victims, families dealing with divorce and child support, criminal defense clients, and many others. We are dedicated to defending your rights and fighting for the best possible outcome to your case. Call us today to discuss your legal matter in a free consultation!
  • $1,350,000
    Workers’ Compensation/Automobile Crash A Pizza delivery driver was hit head on by another vehicle. The driver spent months in a rehabilitation hospital with broken hip, patellar fracture and ankle fracture. Medical bills were over $900,000.00. The driver received $1,350,000.00 and his medical bills were negotiated down to $225,000.00.
  • $800,000
    18 Wheeler crash A woman was stopped on the side of the road waiting for road repairs. As she was a stopped an 18 wheeler came up behind her and hit her from behind. The driver of the 18 wheeler was not paying attention. The woman suffered multiple serious and permanent injuries. The trucking company refused to offer compensation. A lawsuit was filed and the woman received compensation of $800,000.
  • $600,000
    Workers’ Compensation A man working as a roofer fell off the roof and received numerous injuries. The most serious injury was to his foot and ankle which after numerous surgeries had to be amputated from the knee down. The worker received compensation for his injuries and future medical care of more than $600,000.
  • $550,000
    Automobile Crash A woman was parked on the side of the highway during a snowstorm. She was hit by two vehicles. The woman received serious injuries to her back and neck. She had surgical fusions to her neck and to lower back. She was unable to work anymore. The woman was compensated policy limits for $550,000.
  • $550,000
    Workers' Compensation/18 Wheeler truck Crash A worker was driving on the freeway going to a work meeting. It began to snow heavily and the roads became slick. Traffic came to a complete stop for and accident a head of the driver. An 18 wheeler was behind her. The driver of the 18 wheeler was not paying attention and smashed drivers vehicle between itself and another 18 wheeler. The worker sustained a multiple serious injuries. The trucking company denied liability. A lawsuit was filed. There was a global settlement for almost $550,000.00.
  • $421,000
    Automobile Crash A woman was stopped on the shoulder of the road helping her daughter whose car had broken down. While sitting there on the shoulder a truck veered off the road and rear ended her vehicle. The woman sustained serious injuries. She had substantial treatment to her neck in which she ended up having a three level cervical fusion. A lawsuit was filed against the negligent party. The woman received $421,000 in compensation for her injuries and damages.
  • $375,000
    Automobile/Garbage Truck Crash A woman was stopped at a stop sign. As she was waiting for traffic to clear, her vehicle was struck in the rear by a garbage truck. The woman suffered a serious neck injury that eventually required a two level cervical discectomy and fusion. The woman received a settlement for $375,000.
  • $343,000
    Workers’ Compensation A worker was employed by CDOT was injured while on a job. The worker had to have decompression surgery on her lower lumbar spine followed by other minor surgeries. The worker received $343,000 in compensation for his injury.
  • $300,000
    Worker's Compensation A truck driver was driving through blizzard for over eight hours. During this time he developed deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in his legs. The insurance company denied that the blood clots related to the truck driving incident. The case was taken to hearing and client was awarded Workers’ Compensation benefits. The case was later settled and the truck driver received over $300,000 in benefits and awards.
  • $250,000
    Workers’ Compensation/Automobile Crash A driver was working as a Pizza delivery driver. While working, she was hit from behind. A Workers’ Compensation claim was filed along with a claim against the other driver and her own underinsured motorist coverage. The driver had to have a two level lumbar fusion for the injuries she sustained in the accident. The Workers’ Compensation claim and along with a claim for the other driver was settled. A lawsuit was filed against the driver’s underinsured carrier. Between all three insurance carriers, the driver was compensated more than $250,000
  • $240,000
    Automobile Crash An elderly woman was a passenger in motor vehicle when that vehicle was hit from behind. She sustained injuries to her back. This woman had pre-existing back injuries but she had had several back surgeries. This woman received policy limits compensation of $240,000.
  • $240,000
    Auto Accident A woman was a passenger in a vehicle stopped at a stoplight waiting for the light to turn green. Her vehicle was rear ended by a driver who was not paying attention. The woman had multiple preexisting injuries that were aggravated by the car crash. She received compensation of $240,000.
  • $224,000
    Automobile Crash A driver was in several car accidents that were not her fault. Over the next several years she had numerous procedures done to her neck help alleviate pain and headaches. She received the policy limits offer from the responsible party but her underinsured motorist carrier refused to pay full value for her damages. Her case was arbitrated and she received a total award of $224,000.
  • $200,000
    Motorcycle Crash A driver of the motorcycle was traveling down the street when a car pulled him front of him. Motorcycle driver hit the vehicle flew over the hood and sustained serious injuries to his knee. Driver needed surgery to repair his knee. He received a total policy limit compensation of $200,000.
  • $125,000
    Auto/18 Wheeler A driver of an 18 wheeler was driving on a two lane mountain road in a blizzard. A vehicle traveling the other direction lost control of his vehicle and hit the truck head on. The truck driver received numerous injuries. A lawsuit was filed and the truck driver was compensated $125,000.
  • Post-Decree Interpretation of Parenting Plan
    Family Law Minor child required surgery but opposing party refused to consent to surgery. The parenting plan was ambiguous on whether opposing party’s consent was necessary. Addressed a time-sensitive medical issue in client’s favor and assisted in providing legal advice regarding potential contempt against the opposing party for failure to pay medical bill.
  • Post-Decree Modification of Parenting Plan & Child Support
    Family Law Post decree modification of parenting plan and child support. Opposing party sought to significantly modify client’s child support obligation and the parties’ 8 year 50/50 parenting plan whereas opposing party would be primary custodial parent. Obtained favorable result for client at Motions Hearing in which client was awarded 50/50 parenting time with his son and a nominal increase in child support.
  • Post-Decree Modification of the Parenting Plan
    Family Law Represented client in a post-decree Modification of the Parenting Plan to accommodate client’s relocation. Obtained favorable results for client at Hearing.
  • Post-Decree Modification of the Parenting Plan
    Family Law Opposing party requested a significant modification to the parenting plan whereas opposing party would be the primary custodial parent. Opposing party dropped his request in exchange for addressing some minute issues in the parenting plan. Settled most issues before the Hearing and obtained favorable results for client at the Hearing.
  • Post-Decree Motion to Modify Support and Clarify Military Retirement
    Family Law Post-Decree Motion to Set Aside or in the alternative Motion to Modify Support and Clarify Military Retirement. Very litigious case. Settled post-decree issues to client’s satisfaction and secured client’s interest in opposing party’s military retirement.
  • Post-Decree Relocation
    Family Law Zealously represented client in a post-decree relocation case. Client did not like the result of the Judge’s Order granting Opposing Party the right to relocate the minor child. Parenting time was modified to accommodate the relocation which was not in the client’s favor.
  • Post-Decree Relocation with One Minor Child
    Family Law Parents had an equal parenting plan, but client wanted to relocate with minor child. Settled post-decree relocation case within one week of being retained and two weeks before the Motion’s Hearing in client’s favor.
  • Short-Term Divorce
    Family Law Assisted in the representation of a divorce involving a short-term marriage, but potential significant exposure for client. Settled case shortly after being retained to client’s satisfaction.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Boating Accident A teenager was at Pueblo reservoir boating with some family friends. As she swam from one boat to the other the drivers of the boats were not paying attention to her location in the water. The driver of one of the boats started the engine and put the boat in gear T he teenagers leg was caught the boats prop. The teenager needed more than 200 stitches in her leg. A lawsuit was filed against the owners of both boats. The teenager received substantial compensation for her injuries. The amount of compensation was confidential.
  • Car Accident - Soft Tissue Injury
    Car Accidents Received satisfactory results for soft tissue injury from a motor vehicle accident.
  • Car Accident - Soft Tissue Injury
    Car Accidents Successfully negotiated a settlement of a soft tissue injury from a motor vehicle accident resulting in payment from the liability carrier in addition to a partial settlement from UIM carrier.
  • Child Support Modification
    Family Law Opposing party requested a significant increase in child support. After Hearing, Magistrate stated opposing party was voluntarily under-employed and ultimately reduced the current support order in favor of our client. Subsequently argued against a Petition for Review Pursuant to C.R.M. 7 resulting in a minor revision to the Magistrate’s child support calculation.
  • Complex Child Custody Dispute
    Family Law Short term marriage, but very complex child custody dispute involving allegations of child abuse. Obtained primary custodial rights at an Emergency Hearing and secured supervised parenting time only for the Opposing Party. Ultimately settled all issues on the eve of trial to client’s satisfaction.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Defective Product

    A driver of a SUV was traveling down I-25 when a tire on his vehicle blew out causing his vehicle to roll. The driver was killed. The driver’s wife filed a lawsuit against Firestone, the manufacturer of the tire. The driver’s wife and children received compensation for the death of their husband and father. The amount of compensation was confidential.

  • Dissolution of Marriage
    Family Law Registered California child custody order and settled property division to client’s satisfaction. This case involved a 15+ year marriage with one child.
  • Dissolution of Marriage
    Family Law Opposing party was requesting life-time spousal maintenance due to a rare disease that allegedly prevented her from working. She also wanted to deviate from the spousal maintenance statute so that she received more spousal maintenance than a judge may award. After months of settlement discussions, settled a 20+ year marriage resulting in a cap in spousal maintenance as well as an amount below the statutory guidelines.
  • Dissolution of Marriage with Four Children
    Family Law Dissolution of Marriage with Four Children. Settled an 11-year marriage to client’s satisfaction on the eve of trial.
  • Dissolution of Marriage with One Minor Child
    Family Law Settled case in client’s favor. Specifically, obtained primary custodial rights for client in addition to primary decision making authority over the minor child’s education. Minor child was three years old at the time of the divorce.
  • Division of Military Retirement
    Family Law Post decree matter regarding division of military retirement as well as modification of spousal maintenance and child support. Successfully argued for retroactive military retirement pay without deduction for VA Benefit pay and obtained a money judgment for over twenty thousand dollars. Child support and spousal maintenance remained the same.
  • Divorce with Children, Domestic Violence Allegations
    Family Law Very contentious divorce with two children involving accusations of domestic violence and alcoholism. Opposing Party argued that the Client’s parenting rights should be restricted indefinitely. Settled case resulting in a tiered parenting plan approach which will ultimately result in a 50/50 parenting plan.
  • Grandparent Custody
    Family Law Zealously advocated for grandparents in a request for custody rights over grandchild. Grandparents had raised the grandchild, but the biological mother wanted to play a more active role in the child’s life. As such, biological mother objected to the grandparents’ request. The request was denied, but the clients were impressed by the services provided.
  • Military Divorce with Child
    Family Law Assisted in the representation of an 11-year military divorce with one child. All issues including property division, parenting rights, and support were settled outside of court. The settlement reflected an equitable division of the marital estate and a 50/50 parenting plan.

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