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  • How to Check if Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled

    || 28-Sep-2017

    Each year, millions of vehicles are affected by manufacturer and design defects, presenting safety concerns for drivers and resulting in subsequent recalls across the country. Unfortunately, not all car owners know if their vehicles need to be recalled and repaired, which can pose a great hazard for them and their family. While manufacturers usually do a good job of sending letters to owners ...
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  • Working Smoke Detectors are Vital for Keeping Your Family Safe

    || 27-Jan-2015

    A family in Colorado Springs recently credited their smoke detector for saving their lives. When an electrical fire started in the residential home's attic in the middle of the night, the smoke detector sounded loudly and woke up two people, along with their pets. Fortunately, everyone escaped without suffering injuries. Firefighters near the family's home responded quickly and showed up ...
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