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  • How to Check if Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled

    || 28-Sep-2017

    Each year, millions of vehicles are affected by manufacturer and design defects, presenting safety concerns for drivers and resulting in subsequent recalls across the country. Unfortunately, not all car owners know if their vehicles need to be recalled and repaired, which can pose a great hazard for them and their family. While manufacturers usually do a good job of sending letters to owners ...
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  • How Do Insurance Companies Determine Pain and Suffering?

    || 8-Aug-2017

    If you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, you have a right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company. You can receive compensation not only for your medical expenses, lost wages, or other costs associated with your injuries, but for your pain and suffering as well. Since pain and suffering sound rather abstract and subjective, we will define ...
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  • Common Causes of Boating Accidents

    || 14-Jul-2017

    Boating can be a fun activity, especially when the weather is right. However, it is important to still consider your safety even while going out for a fun day on the water. In 2014, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, there were about 4,064 accidents that resulted in 610 deaths and 2,678 injuries. To help prevent a disaster from happening to you or others, it is important to understand why these ...
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  • Will My Medical Marijuana Use Affect my Personal Injury Case?

    || 7-Jul-2017

    Colorado was one of the first states in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and many users in the state rely on marijuana for medicinal uses. It is legal to use marijuana throughout the state, but that doesn’t mean that you are entirely free to use the substance. Marijuana has been shown to impair users’ judgment and reactions and can affect more than just ...
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  • How Is Pain & Suffering Calculated for a Personal Injury Claim?

    || 24-May-2017

    After an accident, you should be compensated for all injuries you have sustained, including emotional trauma, physical pain, and other damages. Your injuries may need significant medical care and cause you pain and suffering as you recover. Insurance companies generally will pay your medical bills, but it can be more difficult to obtain compensation for the more subjective costs of your injuries. ...
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  • Don't Post About Your Injury on Social Media

    || 20-Apr-2017

    You’d be hard pressed to find someone under the age of 30 without a social media presence online. Ever since the inception of social media, people have become obsessed with making social connections and sharing bits and pieces of their life with friends, family, and even total strangers. While websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have brought the world closer together, they have ...
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  • Can I Sue the Military If I Was Negligently Injured?

    || 8-Mar-2017

    People and organizations are responsible for the negligent injuries of any number of individuals. In many cases, those responsible can be held accountable when the injured pursue legal action against them. The military is a slightly different matter, however. While the military can cause injury through negligence, it has the advantage of being part of the government. Under the doctrine of ...
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  • Things You Should Never Say After a Car Accident

    || 14-Oct-2016

    Being involved in any car accident is sure to be an unpleasant and shocking experience, even if you are not injured. While you may feel frustrated or angry following the shock of impact, it is imperative you stay in control of your situation and watch what you say during this time. Making a successful car accident claim can be difficult, especially if the involved insurance companies are in ...
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  • Understanding How Personal Injury Cases Settle

    || 27-Sep-2016

    Personal injury cases are often represented in the media and in movies as big, dramatic court cases that end with one corporation or another shelling out millions to ecstatic plaintiffs. In reality, this is a fairly uncommon scenario. Instead of being argued in court, the majority of injury claims actually begin and end in the conference room due to negotiations and settlements. How Personal ...
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  • Six Common Personal Injury Claim Mistakes

    || 20-Sep-2016

    After being struck by a drunk driver or slipping and falling in a puddle left in an aisle of a retail store, you might feel pretty confident that your personal injury claim is a guaranteed win. But you must be aware that there are always ways a case can tip out of your favor. In fact, there are six commonly-made mistakes plaintiffs make that strip away their winnings and put liability for their ...
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  • When a Child Is Injured in a Car Accident

    || 21-Dec-2015

    Car seats, and youth booster seats, have prevented many serious injuries to children in car accidents. Sometimes, however, the crash is so severe that the child may still be injured in a car seat. When a child is injured by the negligence of another, special rules govern those claims and lawsuits. What to Do After Your Child Is Hurt in a Car Accident The first question often on the minds of most ...
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  • Injuries to Children "Attracted" to a Danger

    || 9-Dec-2015

    Kids will be kids. They are curious roamers, attracted to all kinds of things that may not be good or safe for them. As parents we do our best to direct and supervise their curiosity. Importantly, even when we cannot be with them every second, and they are injured in pursuit of an “attraction,” the law permits children to make a claim for compensation for those injuries. This is called ...
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  • Damages That Can be Claimed in an Accident Case

    || 2-Oct-2015

    A person who injures another through his negligence must pay monetary compensation to the injured person in the total dollar amount of the injured persons’ damages. The injured person can claim damages for: “Non-economic” losses or injuries caused by the negligence “Economic” losses or injuries caused by the negligence Physical impairment or disfigurement caused by ...
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  • When you make an injury claim, such as a claim for injuries from a car accident, you will be required to sign a medical authorization for the insurance company that is responsible to pay the claim to access your medical records. Although you have given the insurance company all the medical bills that relate to the car accident, the insurance company will still insist that you sign a medical ...
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  • Truck-Car Collisions: It's Not a Fair Fight

    || 27-Aug-2015

    A truck-car collision is not a fair fight. A car weighing 3500 pounds does not stand a chance in a collision against a tractor-trailer weighing upwards of 80,000 pounds. Because commercial trucks can be so deadly in a collision, the trucking industry is highly regulated. In order to drive a commercial truck, the driver must first obtain specialized training leading to study and testing for a ...
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  • Compensation for the Death of a Loved One in a Car Accident

    || 20-Aug-2015

    There is shock and horror when a loved one dies in a car accident. No one could ever be prepared for that awful call from the police. The initial days and weeks are filled with the numbing details of funerals, paperwork, government benefits, financial decisions and the like. But it would be dishonest to say that, even in those initial days and weeks, thoughts of seeking justice for the death of ...
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  • Shop at Your Own Risk?

    || 26-Jun-2015

    Shoppers have been injured as they shop for milk, or jeans or even just by entering the store. It is an unfortunate, and erroneous, belief that, if a shopper is injured while shopping in Colorado, the shopper will be compensated for those injuries by the store. In fact, Colorado’s law only allows shoppers to be compensated for injuries under the most limited circumstances—no matter how ...
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  • More than One Person Can Be Negligent to Cause an Injury

    || 11-Jun-2015

    What happens when more than one person causes an injury? How does the insurance company pay the claim when different insurance companies are responsible for one injury? It is not all that unusual that someone is injured by the negligence of more than one person. Consider an icy intersection when several cars go too fast and fail to stop for a stop sign. Two (or more) drivers may be responsible for ...
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  • Your Duty to Cooperate with Your Insurance Company

    || 30-Apr-2015

    We often hear about an insurance company that acted in “bad faith” to deny, or delay payment of, a claim. But you, too, have a legal duty to “cooperate” with your own insurance company when you present an insurance claim. Note that your duty of cooperation is not required when you are presenting a claim to an insurance company who represents the at-fault party. In that ...
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  • "Loss of Consortium" - What Is It?

    || 30-Mar-2015

    Many have heard of the term “loss of consortium” as a possible damage claim in a personal injury matter—but what exactly does that mean? Attorney Defines “Loss of Consortium” If someone has been physically injured by the negligence or reckless conduct of another, his or her spouse may have a separate claim for loss of consortium in addition to the injured ...
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  • Bills Pile Up When You Are Injured

    || 17-Mar-2015

    It is really bad luck to be injured—but be aware that you will suffer even more as you navigate the insurance systems that are supposed to pay for your medical treatment. If you have been injured in a car accident, you probably have “medical payments” (med pay) coverage on your auto policy. All auto insurance policies written in Colorado are required to provide a minimum of ...
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  • Car Accidents Caused By Federal Employees

    || 2-Feb-2015

    Think about all the federal government workers driving around in our community: the postal workers (including contract rural mail carriers), civilian employees of the many government agencies with offices here (Department of Defense, FEMA, U.S. Forest Service, etc.), and the many members of the Armed Forces who drive off-base in connection with their duty. If you are injured in a car accident ...
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  • Watch Out for Car Accident Scam

    || 19-Jan-2015

    Some people commit insurance fraud—just as some people commit other crimes that cost all of us billions of dollars each year. Apparently there has been an insurance scam racket in Colorado by one woman who made 25 claims for injuries from fake car accidents in the Denver area. This is one that has been caught—and hopefully stopped—by Denver area prosecutors, but there may be ...
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  • Icy Car Accidents

    || 20-Nov-2014

    When the roads turn to ice, cars will collide into each other. But how does the law determine who, if anyone, is at fault for a crash on icy roads? The rules of the road seem to be simple: an operator of a motor vehicle must operate that motor vehicle as a "reasonably careful person" would under the circumstances presented to the driver. We are all drivers. We are all "reasonably ...
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  • Traffic Tickets and Car Accident Cases

    || 30-Sep-2014

    It is always satisfying to know that the negligent driver who struck, and injured you, got the ticket. On the other hand, when you strongly believe the police should not have given you the ticket in a car accident, don't give up hope of obtaining compensation for your injuries. Under Colorado law, the police determination of "fault" for a car accident is not conclusive in the claim ...
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