Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Learn What Happens if You Leave the Scene of an Accident

    || 31-Jul-2014

    Leaving the scene of an accident, also called a "hit and run," is a punishable offense in the state of Colorado. It can also present complications for victims of these car accidents, as they have no one to file a claim against until the perpetrator is found. An interesting statistic released just this August said that less than half of all people convicted of hit and runs in Colorado are ...
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  • What Kind of Car Insurance Do You Need?

    || 31-Jul-2014

    Considering buying your car insurance online? In former days, you bought car insurance from an insurance agent—an agent who was either employed by, or associated with, an insurance company, or an agent who was "independent," selling insurance from several different companies. You would go into the agent's office and the agent, face to face, would explain car insurance to you ...
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  • How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost in Colorado?

    || 29-Jul-2014

    If you've just been arrested for drunk driving in Colorado, one question you probably have is "how much is this going to cost me?" There are many different types of fees associated with getting a DUI, such as court fees, criminal fines, filing fees and DMV hearing fees. There are also, of course, attorney fees. Unlike court fees and other official document fees, there is no set ...
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  • What Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know

    || 24-Jul-2014

    Insurance companies are on your side, right? With slogans like "We're on the driver's side" many people are under the belief that insurance companies always act in their policyholders' best interests. While insurance companies do have this duty, they don't always follow through. You see, insurance companies are businesses much like a retail store or a restaurant. The more ...
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  • 5 Tips If Charged with a Crime in Colorado

    || 22-Jul-2014

    On your first court appearance do not accept any plea deals without first speaking with an attorney – many times on your first court appearance the district attorney will offer you a plea deal if you agree to plead guilty. This offer may sound good, but it is not always in your best interest. Many times these offers are given with the knowledge that you do not have an attorney and they can ...
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  • Pregnant Women in More Auto Accidents

    || 17-Jul-2014

    A new study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that pregnancy makes a woman driver more likely to be involved in a car crash. Statistics gathered from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, which records visits for Ontario's 13 million residents, showed that pregnant women were 42% more likely to be in a serious car crash. The risk peaked in the fourth month of ...
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  • 10 Things Not to Do After an Arrest

    || 10-Jul-2014

    Do not try to convince the officer of your innocence – the police have already made up their mind to arrest you and feel they have probable cause for the arrest. By talking to the police, you may accidentally implicate yourself in the crime by admitting to being at the scene or providing incriminating statements to the police. Remember, anything you say can be misunderstood, ...
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  • Car Insurance Companies and Your Private Health Information

    || 9-Jul-2014

    Car Insurance Companies and Your Private Health Information The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that strives to protect the privacy of your health and medical information. The HIPAA system is in two parts: doctors and medical facilities must keep your information private and not disclose it to anyone outside the medical field without your ...
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  • Annulment

    || 3-Jul-2014

    With the celebrities getting divorced and making headlines in the news, annulments have become a topic with those looking to get divorced after a short-term marriage. In Colorado, the legal term for an annulment is a declaration of invalidity of marriage. The outcome is the same as a divorce meaning the property rights of spouses, maintenance, and support of and the allocation of parental ...
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  • Don't Forget the Retirement Accounts/Benefits in a Divorce!

    || 1-Jul-2014

    Going through a divorce is terrible. If one (or both spouses) forgets or is not aware of the retirement assets (IRA and 401k accounts, military retirement, pensions, stock grants, etc.) in the middle of the fog of the stress of separation and divorce, it can cost both parties a lot. Even if the couple does think about the retirement accounts, they may consider them just another bank account that ...
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