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  • Things to Do If Stopped by the Colorado Springs Police

    || 9-Dec-2014

    Stop the car in a safe place as quickly as possible – Pull over in a safe location as soon as possible. If you take to long to pull over the officer may think you are failing to yield and attempting to elude them. In the alternative, the officer may believe you are attempting to dispose of or hide contraband before stopping. Do not exit the vehicle unless requested by a law enforcement ...
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  • Colorado has recently joined the list of states which allow a court to consider a spouse's accrued vacation and sick time as marital property during divorce, under some circumstances. In the situation recently considered by the Colorado Supreme Court, the husband admitted that, as of the date both he and his wife filed for dissolution, he had accrued almost 452 hours of vacation and sick time. ...
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  • Icy Car Accidents

    || 20-Nov-2014

    When the roads turn to ice, cars will collide into each other. But how does the law determine who, if anyone, is at fault for a crash on icy roads? The rules of the road seem to be simple: an operator of a motor vehicle must operate that motor vehicle as a "reasonably careful person" would under the circumstances presented to the driver. We are all drivers. We are all "reasonably ...
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  • Deadlines to Collect Back Child Support

    || 17-Nov-2014

    How many years can go by for the non-custodial spouse to collect unpaid child support —and what law applies to the unpaid child support? There is a twenty (20) year time limit for the custodial parent to sue the non-paying parent for back child support, but in that length of time the law regarding child support often changes. Does the enforcing court apply the current law for child ...
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  • 7 Things All Women Should Know About Divorce.

    || 7-Nov-2014

    By not asking the right questions it could cost you hundreds thousands of dollars. Men and women are not treated equally during a divorce National studies consistently show that women lose financially in a divorce. About one in five women fall into poverty after a divorce. Three out of four divorced mothers don't receive full payment of child support. About one in three women who own a home, ...
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  • What Kinds of Cases "Clog" Our Courts?

    || 6-Nov-2014

    Colorado courts handle hundreds of thousands of court cases each year. You may have heard political ads (or talking head TV shows) loudly claiming that personal injury cases (also called "frivolous lawsuits" by these folks) "clog" courts so that they are not able to handle other, apparently more important, court business. Well, it just isn't so in Colorado. The latest ...
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  • Access to Lawyers for Low Income Coloradans

    || 31-Oct-2014

    Colorado Legal Services (CLS) assists low-income Colorado residents with civil law issues. (Defense of those facing criminal charges who cannot afford an attorney is provided through the Colorado Public Defender's office.) Civil cases include any kind of court matter that is not a criminal case. Divorce, child support, child custody, landlord-tenant issues are all "civil" law ...
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  • Arbitration of Dissolution Proceedings

    || 10-Oct-2014

    Some couples who seek a dissolution of their marriage also decide to have their disputes over the separation resolved outside of the court system. Colorado law allows parties to a dissolution proceeding to agree to arbitrate the disputed parts of their separation rather than going through the court system. Arbitration is a private means of dispute resolution where the parties have the freedom to ...
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  • Traffic Tickets and Car Accident Cases

    || 30-Sep-2014

    It is always satisfying to know that the negligent driver who struck, and injured you, got the ticket. On the other hand, when you strongly believe the police should not have given you the ticket in a car accident, don't give up hope of obtaining compensation for your injuries. Under Colorado law, the police determination of "fault" for a car accident is not conclusive in the claim ...
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  • Civil Restraining Orders in Colorado

    || 18-Sep-2014

    Family law attorneys know that sometimes, especially at the beginning of a dissolution proceeding, a spouse needs to be protected from harassment—or even from any contact—by the other spouse. In such cases, the spouse can apply to the court for an emergency protection order or a temporary restraining order. These orders are particularly needed in cases of domestic abuse, stalking, ...
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  • Not many of us older than 30 have avoided a back or neck problem in our lives. Even young people who play sports often experience injuries in the neck or back or joints. Is it possible for a person who had a previous, or an ongoing physical condition, to make a claim for injuries from a car accident ? How is compensation for such an injury claim determined? Fortunately, the law recognizes that not ...
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  • Little "A.M." (courts use only the child's initials in cases) had been taken by his parents to the emergency room a number of times in the span of three months, including for a lacerated tongue, a bruised cheek and a fractured elbow. X-rays revealed other fractures to the baby's ribs, leg bone and cheekbone. The County Department of Social Services was notified by the doctors and ...
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  • Hand Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

    || 29-Aug-2014

    In the weeks following a car accident, and as the neck and back injuries begin to recede, those involved in a serious car accident may find that their hands start to hurt. It may start with some vague numbness and tingling that won't go away, then sometimes one or both hands begin to swell for no reason, finally the pain and discomfort becomes a burning pain, constant enough to interrupt a ...
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  • What Kinds of Doctors Are Best for Car Accident Injuries?

    || 19-Aug-2014

    About Whiplash The most common injury from a car accident is "whiplash," short for "flexion/extension cervical injury." Whiplash is the subject of bad jokes and sometimes, bad TV ads. But it is a very real injury for those who experience it. When an occupant of a motor vehicle is strapped into that steel compartment and that motor vehicle is struck (usually from behind) by ...
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  • Access to Adoption Records Changes

    || 11-Aug-2014

    Colorado has adopted new standards to provide for uniform access to adoption records, including original birth certificates. The new law recognizes that members of the three primary parties of an adoption - adopter, adopted, and birth parents - all have interests in the adoption records, especially whether those records should be disclosed. The new law maintains the confidentiality to non-private ...
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