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Offices In Colorado Springs, Pueblo, And The Denver Metro Area
  1. Stop the car in a safe place as quickly as possible – Pull over in a safe location as soon as possible. If you take to long to pull over the officer may think you are failing to yield and attempting to elude them. In the alternative, the officer may believe you are attempting to dispose of or hide contraband before stopping.
  1. Do not exit the vehicle unless requested by a law enforcement officer – traffic stops are some of the most dangerous situations for an officer. If you exit the vehicle the officer may take it as a hostile gesture, that you are trying to hide something in the vehicle, you are getting out to run, or getting out to harm the officer.
  1. Keep your hands on the wheel until the officer makes contact – if you are reaching in the console or the glove box the office may believe you are going for a weapon or trying to hide contraband. Any sudden movements especially towards the floor, under you seat, or the center console may have the officer believe you are going for a weapon to harm the officer.
  1. Be polite – remember that most officers are trying to do their job. Do not give them a reason to get agitated and treat you hostile. Being rude to the officer will not win you any favors and the officer will usually list you attitude on the ticket for the judge to see.
  1. Give the officer you license, registration, and proof of insurance upon request – These are the only documents that you are required to provide the officer. Do not reach for these documents until the officer requests them.
  1. Remain silent and never admit to knowing why you were pulled over or stopped – may times the officer will ask "do you know why I stopped you," this is an attempt by the officer to elicit a confession from you and make it difficult for you to fight the stop in court.
  1. Do not consent to the deputy searching your car - They are trying to find incriminating evidence that can implicate you in the crime or strengthen the case against you. The stop could even be a pretext stop and the officer is searching for evidence to other crimes. It is your right to refuse to give consent to search your car.

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