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Car Accident

1. Take a moment to get your bearings. Determine if you have pain to any part of your body. Is your vehicle obstructing traffic? Is it safe to move it?

2. Do not immediately apologize or admit fault. Anything you say can be documented and used against you in the future.

3. Dial 911, request the authorities at the scene. If you think you are injured, ask for an ambulance.

4. Take pictures of:

  • ALL SIDES of each vehicle
  • CLOSEUP of damages
  • LICENSE PLATES of all vehicles involved in crash
  • ENTIRE accident scene
  • PEOPLE INVOLVED including passengers and witnesses

5. Get eye witnesses names and contact information.

6. After taking photos, fill out this accident summary. Gather all the details you can.

· Other Vehicle (reference their Driver’s License)

Make:____________ Model:________________

Color:____________ Year:_________________

VIN #:____________ Lic. Plate#: _________________

Owner’s Name:______________________________________

Street Address:_______________________________________


· Other Driver (Reference their Driver’s License)

Lic. Plate #:____________________ State:_______ Gender:________

Name:________________________ D.O.B.__________________

Street Address #:____________________________________________


Cell#:________________________ Home#:_______________________

· Other Driver Insurance Info:

Company:____________________ Phone#:_______________________

Policy Holder:____________________ Policy #:_____________________

· Policy Information

Officer:_______________ Department:___________________________

Phone #:_________________________ Police Report #:_____________________

**If the driver was NOT the owner of the vehicle: Was the driver given permission from the owner to drive the vehicle.

7. Try to be as detailed as possible as you fill out the following information about the accident.

  • Collision Date
  • Collision Time:
  • Location

8. Describe where the vehicle has been damaged and to what extent.

9. To the best of your ability please describe how the accident occurred. You may want to draw out the scene written details. Include street names and the location of witnesses if possible. Indicate North on the drawing.

Make note of all that apply:

  • Weather
  • Sunny Cloudy
  • Drizzle Rain
  • Light conditions, i.e. day/night
  • Road conditions:
    • Dry/Wet
    • Snow Ice
    • Gravel Dirt

Being involved in a traffic collision is scary and can be overwhelming. It is important to gather as much information as possible.

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