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You might have heard from a friend or family member that you need a police report to file a car accident claim. You might have even heard this from your insurance company after you were in a crash. But is it true?

Do you need a police report to file a car accident claim? No, it is not a strict necessity. But it can help quite a lot.

Within a police report, the responding officer should note which driver they think caused the car accident. This person can be named directly, or they can be included on the report as Party 1, which is usually used as an indirect way for an officer to point a finger at a driver. The report can also include helpful information like if the other driver seemed distracted or intoxicated. Getting a police report is helpful, but it is not necessary.

Most Car Accidents Have Police Reports

Although you don’t need a police report to file a car accident claim, there might already be one. In most states, the police need to be called after a car accident that caused any injury. Other states also require the police to be notified if there is any vehicular damage, especially if it left debris in the road. For this reason, it is actually unusual for there to be a car accident that is not paired with a police report.

If you were in a car accident and a police officer shows up at the scene, then you should note their name, badge number, and department or station. You can use that information later to easily track down the report that they wrote and filed. It might be a day or two before the officer has an opportunity to file their report, so don’t worry if it isn’t available within the first 24 hours after your crash.

To make use of a police report in conjunction with your car accident claim, you should team up with an attorney who knows both local courts and police departments. They can more easily review the report for any information that might prove the other driver was liable, even if the reporting officer does not seem to agree with you.

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