Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • On-the-Job Car Accidents

    || 30-Jun-2014

    An employee who is injured in a car accident while driving a company car—or even his own car for company purposes—can sometimes find himself in the confusing twilight zone of conflicting laws and insurance companies. Here is a roadmap of how such a claim is handled. First, always report any on the job injury to your employer or supervisor—in writing, if possible. And keep a copy ...
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  • We've heard it whispered at the grocery store, in the park, at the PTA meeting: first one, then another then ANOTHER friend is getting divorced. What is happening? It seems that divorce can be "contagious" in close social groups. It is not just divorce that appears contagious among circles or networks of friends: getting married can be "contagious" too. So can having ...
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  • The short answer: "Yes." Amounts paid by your health insurance for treatment for your injuries from a car accident must be paid back to your health insurance company from any settlement that you may obtain from the striking driver's insurance. Now here's why—and how having a personal injury lawyer can often decrease the amount you have to pay back. Whether you have health ...
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  • 4 Rules of Communication in Jail

    || 16-Jun-2014

    Do not discuss the alleged incident with anyone including your cellmate – These conversations are not confidential or protected and can be used against you in court. The district attorney can always offer a deal to your cellmate or anyone else that you talked to in exchange for their testimony. Do not discuss the incident on the telephone – all the phone calls from the jail are ...
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