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  1. Do not discuss the alleged incident with anyone including your cellmate – These conversations are not confidential or protected and can be used against you in court. The district attorney can always offer a deal to your cellmate or anyone else that you talked to in exchange for their testimony.
  1. Do not discuss the incident on the telephone – all the phone calls from the jail are recorded and anything you say can be used against you.
  1. Treat all conversations as if they are being recorded by the police – there is a good chance that the conversations are being recorded, at least any phone conversations. The only protected conversations are conversations with your attorney.
  1. Contact your Colorado Springs attorney to request they come to speak with you – even though technically the conversations with your attorney are protected, you never know who is listening on the phone. The information could be used to gather information illegally without you or your attorney's knowledge. It is always safer to have your Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer to the jail and speak with you face to face.

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