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When the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor to same-sex marriage rights across the country on June 26th, 2015, no one was expecting it to clear up any issues surrounding same-sex rights all at once. Controversial stories are still cropping up left and right, coast to coast, in the onset of the 5-to-4 decision. Some county clerks are refusing to personally issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples; employees in same-sex relationships are being fired from their positions at religious institutions; and even bakeries are denying cakes for same-sex weddings, right here in Colorado. (The Washington Post reports on this story here.)

The Source of Contention

While the last example of controversy might seem relatively insignificant, as it revolves around a wedding cake, it is being taken quite seriously. Organizations such as The American Civil Liberties Union and Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission are getting involved. But what is the reasoning behind the opposition and heated arguments coming from either side?

Those who stand against the Supreme Court’s ruling feel that religious freedoms have been ignored or that states’ rights are being violated, as the federal ruling has now overruled bans in 13 states. Meanwhile, supporters of the ruling have found it to be the greatest victory for LGBTQ activists since they began their campaigns decades ago. They argue that the ruling is in line with the Fourteenth Amendment, which addresses the rights of citizens and equal protection under the law. Obviously, both sides have their arguments but whether or not the ruling will be repealed or modified is yet to be seen.

Family Law – Matters of Importance

Even though so many people are still discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, not much is being mentioned about how it could change the face of family law. Same-sex divorce has already been legalized in all 50 states, but other aspects of family law could change as well. Child custody agreements, alimony payments, and even fathers’ rights could all face alteration due to the decision.

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