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  • Will My Medical Marijuana Use Affect my Personal Injury Case?

    || 7-Jul-2017

    Colorado was one of the first states in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and many users in the state rely on marijuana for medicinal uses. It is legal to use marijuana throughout the state, but that doesn’t mean that you are entirely free to use the substance. Marijuana has been shown to impair users’ judgment and reactions and can affect more than just ...
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  • Can I Get Arrested in Colorado Springs for Smoking Pot?

    || 5-Jul-2016

    With the legalization of medical marijuana in 2010 and recreational marijuana in 2014, it would seem that anyone might be able to pull a joint out of their pocket in the middle of downtown and start smoking with no concern of consequence. So can you ever get in trouble for smoking weed or being high? To put it succinctly: YES. It is Illegal to Possess More than One Ounce of Marijuana in Colorado ...
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