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A personal injury is a traumatic experience that can require several weeks or months of recovery depending on the extent of your medical issues. Seeking compensation for your injury, financial losses, and emotional distress can make a positive difference in your life. However, it can also increase your stress, and trying to deal with this legal task on your own can be a challenge.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident, medical malpractice, or any other cause of your situation is crucial. A competent attorney brings their in-depth understanding of personal injury law to fight for your rights and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

#1 Working with an Attorney Helps You Meet All the Requirements

When you file a personal injury claim you need to meet different requirements and submit your documents within the applicable statutes of limitations to be eligible for compensation. The law can be complex and working with an experienced attorney can ensure that you fill out and submit all the supporting evidence and legal forms.

Personal injury lawyers can typically collaborate with your doctors to compile medical records that often play a central role in establishing the validity of a claim.

#2 Your Lawyer Can Negotiate More Efficiently with Insurance Companies

Your lawyer can offer an objective and accurate evaluation of the compensation you can expect to secure. Negotiating with insurance companies is something you should not attempt to do on your own as such courses of action generally result in an unfair settlement or none at all.

Lawyers know what tactics insurance companies are likely to use and they can stand up for your interests. Involving an attorney also shows that you are ready to go to trial if the insurance company refuses to do the right thing. Most insurance companies prefer avoiding litigation and are thus more likely to agree to the settlement your lawyer is advocating for.

#3 You Can Secure a Higher Settlement

Insurance companies usually try to avoid paying compensation or get the person who suffered the personal injury to accept a lower settlement. Your attorney can help secure higher settlements compared to individuals who attempt to do this without an attorney.

Personal injury compensations can cover:

  • Current and future medical costs related to your injury
  • Permanent disability
  • Assistive equipment
  • Accessibility modifications for your home, vehicle, and/or work
  • Assisted living care
  • Lost wages and/or reduced earning capabilities
  • Emotional distress

During the initial assessment of your situation, your lawyer can walk you through the type of compensation you can expect to recover for your personal injury.

#4 A Lawyer Can Represent You in Court

Although insurance companies dread litigation and most personal injury claims get settled outside of court, hiring a lawyer right at the beginning of your case makes it easier to go to trial if necessary. An attorney can counsel and represent you both outside and in court.

#5 You Can Focus on Your Recovery

When you work with a personal injury attorney, they can handle all the administrative and legal processes of obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. Even if you require a hospital or home stay while recovering, they can typically either come to your place of residence or conduct appointments via phone or video conference for your convenience. They can also update you regularly about the progress they are making. This way, you can focus your energy and time on healing from your injury without stressing over the negotiations with insurance providers.

If you are on the fence about hiring a personal injury lawyer due to legal fees, the good news is that your attorney does not collect payment unless they win your case. This means you do not need to worry about upfront legal fees and costs.

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