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You’d be hard pressed to find someone under the age of 30 without a social media presence online. Ever since the inception of social media, people have become obsessed with making social connections and sharing bits and pieces of their life with friends, family, and even total strangers. While websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have brought the world closer together, they have also created a backlash people haven’t expected. The sharing trend has been so new that people have been unused to repercussions. Phishing is one such consequence, but there are others, such as using social media to acquire evidence against individuals.

For example, in divorce law, attorneys have begun using social media posts as tools against the opposition. One spouse who posts a rant about the other on Facebook could see that rant again in court in a child custody case. Similarly, in personal injury law, insurance companies and their legal representatives have been using social media to prove people aren’t as injured as they claim.

There have already been multiple cases of a social media posts being used against their creators in court. For example, in a case that began in 2003 with a defective desk chair, Kathleen Romano sued the manufacturer for her severe back injury and a loss of enjoyment of life. The manufacturer’s attorneys used Romano’s social media properties, which showed her smiling outside her home, to get the court’s permission to access her social media pages. The case was still ongoing 12 years after the incident.

It doesn’t matter how just your claim is. If an insurance company is determined to save money by lowballing you in settlement or by refusing to pay a claim at all, they will use any means to ensure you lose, including taking social media posts and using them against you. The best course of action when making a claim or fighting a denied claim is to stop using social media altogether until the case has been settled. Likewise, you should ask your friends and family not to post pictures of you or mention you or your injury on their social media pages.

If you need help fighting an insurance company for compensation for injuries sustained as the result of negligence, you need an experienced Colorado Springs personal injury attorney on your side. Our advocates have nearly 120 years of combined legal experience to offer your case. We understand the ins and outs of Colorado laws, so we can skillfully represent you based on whatever your circumstances may be. Let us help build your case to help you get the best legal outcome possible. We are capable of representing you in negotiations and settlements as well as in court. We take the time to thoroughly review and analyze prior judgments relevant to your situation so we can effectively cite case laws and rulings. Contact us at (719) 602-5888 or fill out our online form to get your case started with us today.

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