Alicia Sale

Alicia Manago

Office Manager / Director of First Impressions

Alicia is the firm's office manager and fondly referred to as the Director of First Impressions. You will be impressed with her warm smile and relentlessly understanding demeanor. Alicia confidently, efficiently and smoothly runs the Clawson offices. There to greet you and there to say goodbye, you will always feel special when dealing with this very gracious lady. Alicia was one of the original employees of our Colorado Springs office that has molded together our team over the years. As our only bi-lingual employee, Alicia handles the firm's global communication requirements. With a keen sense of perception, Alicia assesses the urgency or tone of your voice to quickly establish your needs. Once, after a short briefing of the nature of your call, she ascertains the situation and will arrange to have you talk to one of our four attorneys or one of our qualified paralegals. Alicia keeps track of the client data base and leads office protocol. Alicia compliments the Clawson team with all her positive attributes and personality.

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