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Crimes of Domestic Violence

The police in Colorado Springs, Denver, Parker, Pueblo and throughout the state take a tough stance against domestic violence, and they place special attention on this type of crime. For example, the Colorado Springs Police Department maintains a Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team, which cooperates with more than 37 agencies throughout the community to detect domestic violence and provide help and safety to the victims. The police will make an immediate response to calls for any type of domestic violence, including:

Unfortunately, the police do not always arrest the right person. Given that the victims of domestic violence are statistically most often women, the officers will often assume that the man is the aggressor. There are many cases on record in which an individual is arrested for domestic violence based on false allegations, such as if the other party is attempting to gain the upper hand in a divorce. Whether you have been falsely accused or if you have simply made a mistake and need help, we believe that you deserve a second chance and should not be subjected to unnecessarily harsh criminal penalties. A Colorado Springs criminal attorney from Clawson & Clawson, LLP is ready to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the circumstances surrounding the arrest and to review your options for fighting the charges.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

When an individual is arrested for domestic violence, the judge will nearly always impose a no-contact order as a condition of release on bail or own recognizance. You must avoid violating the terms of this order, as if you are caught in violation you can be arrested and held in jail on charges of contempt of court. This is even if the alleged victim has invited you to meet-it is not up to the victim to enforce the order, as the criminal charges are being pressed against you by the state, not by your spouse or partner.

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