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  • Car Accidents Increase Each Year During the Holidays - Here's Why

    || 16-Dec-2016

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that December 23 rd and 24 th are two of the top five deadliest days for drivers in the country. Beyond those two days, the entire holiday season seems to pose a threat to motorists, as there are more car accidents during that brief time of the year than any other. What is going on to cause the roads to become such hazards and ...
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  • PTSD Caused by Car Accidents

    || 8-Nov-2016

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition brought about by a significantly troubling or violent event and that flares up as psychotic episodes when the sufferer encounters a certain trigger. Most people associate PTSD with soldiers who return home from the warfront and are subsequently traumatized by the sound of firecrackers, engines backfiring, and other noises similar ...
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  • Things You Should Never Say After a Car Accident

    || 14-Oct-2016

    Being involved in any car accident is sure to be an unpleasant and shocking experience, even if you are not injured. While you may feel frustrated or angry following the shock of impact, it is imperative you stay in control of your situation and watch what you say during this time. Making a successful car accident claim can be difficult, especially if the involved insurance companies are in ...
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  • Understanding How Personal Injury Cases Settle

    || 27-Sep-2016

    Personal injury cases are often represented in the media and in movies as big, dramatic court cases that end with one corporation or another shelling out millions to ecstatic plaintiffs. In reality, this is a fairly uncommon scenario. Instead of being argued in court, the majority of injury claims actually begin and end in the conference room due to negotiations and settlements. How Personal ...
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  • Six Common Personal Injury Claim Mistakes

    || 20-Sep-2016

    After being struck by a drunk driver or slipping and falling in a puddle left in an aisle of a retail store, you might feel pretty confident that your personal injury claim is a guaranteed win. But you must be aware that there are always ways a case can tip out of your favor. In fact, there are six commonly-made mistakes plaintiffs make that strip away their winnings and put liability for their ...
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  • Colorado Springs Residents Concerned Over Lack of Traffic Cameras

    || 21-Jul-2016

    There is an old rule in politics that states that for every letter of complaint you receive, there’s at least another 100 you should have received but were never written. This is important to remember when considering a recent letter of sent to the Gazette of Colorado Springs, in which a local resident expressed serious concern over intersection safety in the city. In particular, they stated ...
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  • Can I Get Arrested in Colorado Springs for Smoking Pot?

    || 5-Jul-2016

    With the legalization of medical marijuana in 2010 and recreational marijuana in 2014, it would seem that anyone might be able to pull a joint out of their pocket in the middle of downtown and start smoking with no concern of consequence. So can you ever get in trouble for smoking weed or being high? To put it succinctly: YES. It is Illegal to Possess More than One Ounce of Marijuana in Colorado ...
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  • The Best Places to Eat in Colorado Springs

    || 27-Jun-2016

    Whether you are looking for a casual dining atmosphere, happy hour appetizers and drinks, or are celebrating your 25 th wedding anniversary, Colorado Springs has it all. Below we have listed some of our favorite restaurants in Colorado Springs to help you narrow down your options. 1. Carlos’ Bistro Carlos’ Bistro is the ideal location to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or any other ...
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  • Will Your Relationship Last? Credit Scores May Hold the Answer.

    || 20-Jun-2016

    You may be aware of the financial consequences of a low credit score as they relate to credit interest rates, qualifying for loans, ease of acquiring new assets and liabilities, and so forth. What you may not realize, however, is that your credit may be a solid indicator of your ability to commit and maintain long-term relationships. 2015 census data indicates that a household with a combined ...
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  • Parental Responsibility Evaluation (P.R.E.) FAQs

    || 13-Jun-2016

    Many parents who find themselves in the midst of a contested legal proceeding involving the allocation of parental responsibilities (i.e. living arrangements, visitation and rights of decision-making) consider obtaining an expert’s opinion on the subject through a process known as a Parental Responsibility Evaluation (PRE). As its name suggests, a Parental Responsibility Evaluation is an ...
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  • Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Colorado Springs?

    || 7-Jun-2016

    “Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have.” - Norman Vincent Peale Protect Yourself. The Colorado Department of Transportation reports over 1,160 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) citations issued so far for the year 2016 - a 5% increase from last year, and we ...
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  • Grounds for Modifying Court Orders in Colorado

    || 4-May-2016

    While you are going through a typical divorce process in Colorado, you and your spouse are supposed to be going back and forth, performing a give and take of rights and responsibilities to keep things balanced. You are also supposed to be looking towards the future to determine who needs what support and why. If this is remembered and your divorce is finalized, everything should be perfect. Right? ...
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  • Connect with Clawson & Clawson, LLP

    || 18-Apr-2016

    At Clawson & Clawson, LLP, we have built a legacy of premier legal counsel in Colorado. Our Colorado Springs litigators have more than 120 years of shared experience in a wide range of cases, including personal injury, family law, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, and SSD claims. Our successful record includes many positive outcomes and various accolades. Let our award-winning ...
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  • Proving Right of Way in Car Accident Claims

    || 28-Jan-2016

    What happens during the moment of a car accident is hard to recall, even for the drivers involved. Insurance adjusters are going to need to know the truth of the incident, however, before they start assigning liability and handing out settlement offers. If you are worried that it could be hard for you to prove that you had the right of way when your car accident, check out these three hints for ...
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