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Car Accident - Soft Tissue Injury

Successfully negotiated a settlement of a soft tissue injury from a motor vehicle accident resulting in payment from the liability carrier in addition to a partial settlement from UIM carrier.

Car Accident - Soft Tissue Injury

Received satisfactory results for soft tissue injury from a motor vehicle accident.

Child Support Modification

Opposing party requested a significant increase in child support. After Hearing, Magistrate stated opposing party was voluntarily under-employed and ultimately reduced the current support order in favor of our client. Subsequently argued against a Petition for Review Pursuant to C.R.M. 7 resulting in a minor revision to the Magistrate’s child support calculation.

Division of Military Retirement

Post decree matter regarding division of military retirement as well as modification of spousal maintenance and child support. Successfully argued for retroactive military retirement pay without deduction for VA Benefit pay and obtained a money judgment for over twenty thousand dollars. Child support and spousal maintenance remained the same.

Post-Decree Relocation with One Minor Child

Parents had an equal parenting plan, but client wanted to relocate with minor child. Settled post-decree relocation case within one week of being retained and two weeks before the Motion’s Hearing in client’s favor.

Grandparent Custody

Zealously advocated for grandparents in a request for custody rights over grandchild. Grandparents had raised the grandchild, but the biological mother wanted to play a more active role in the child’s life. As such, biological mother objected to the grandparents’ request. The request was denied, but the clients were impressed by the services provided.

Short-Term Divorce

Assisted in the representation of a divorce involving a short-term marriage, but potential significant exposure for client. Settled case shortly after being retained to client’s satisfaction.

Post-Decree Modification of Parenting Plan & Child Support

Post decree modification of parenting plan and child support. Opposing party sought to significantly modify client’s child support obligation and the parties’ 8 year 50/50 parenting plan whereas opposing party would be primary custodial parent. Obtained favorable result for client at Motions Hearing in which client was awarded 50/50 parenting time with his son and a nominal increase in child support.

Military Divorce with Child

Assisted in the representation of an 11-year military divorce with one child. All issues including property division, parenting rights, and support were settled outside of court. The settlement reflected an equitable division of the marital estate and a 50/50 parenting plan.

Post-Decree Interpretation of Parenting Plan

Minor child required surgery but opposing party refused to consent to surgery. The parenting plan was ambiguous on whether opposing party’s consent was necessary. Addressed a time-sensitive medical issue in client’s favor and assisted in providing legal advice regarding potential contempt against the opposing party for failure to pay medical bill.

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